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SULLIVAN AND LEAVITT, P.C. has diversified over the last twenty years to meet its expanding clientele’s needs, providing a multi-faceted offering of knowledge and experience. Currently, SULLIVAN AND LEAVITT, P.C., has five attorneys licensed to practice in all Michigan courts. The firm has also developed extensive depth in Federal practice, including the capability to appear in many appellate Federal courts throughout the country and before the United States Supreme Court.

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Our Services and Capabilities

Motor Carrier Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. has been representing the trucking industry since 1953. Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. has assisted trucking companies in obtaining and maintaining their federal, state, and Canadian operating authorities, and addressing any resulting compliance issues.


Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability:

Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. is the premier law firm in Michigan and the Midwest representing businesses that contribute to multiemployer pension plans under the Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendments Act of 1980 (MPPAA). Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. services a multitude of employers in transportation, construction, and trades who face unfunded liabilities and assessments as a result of contributing to these pension plans. Withdrawal liability can apply when an employer reduces its contribution levels, goes out-of-business, drastically reduces its workforce or if its employees choose no longer to be represented by a union.  In those situations, potential liability can be enormous.  Contact us today for a consultation if you have questions regarding pension plan withdrawal liability.


Small and Medium Sized (Privately Held) Business Specialists:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. is a full service business firm representing clients for entity-formation purposes, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), and others. Because of the variety of business transaction we have handled, our firm has extensive experience to assist in any business needs faced by a privately held entity.


Business Owner Disputes:

Businesses require a range of legal expertise in order to serve the company's best interests. It is critical that businesses seek legal advice from attorneys that are experienced in handling commercial-law matters and business disputes on many different levels. Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. has been representing businesses and individual owners in shareholder member and partner disputes and business litigation for over 60 years.


Complex Business Litigation:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. has experience handling complex business and commercial litigation, including Antitrust Violations, Deceptive Trade Practices, Abuses of Trust (breaches of fiduciary duties by persons in positions of trust including corporate officers and directors, agents, trustees, partners, or majority shareholders), Breach of Contract, Tortious Interference with Contracts, and Agreements Limiting Competition.


Estate Planning:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. is experienced in estate planning, including  the preparation of trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and  succession planning  for family owned businesses.


Family Law:

For over 60 years, the Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C., has provided families throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area with representation for a variety of different family matters, including contested and uncontested divorces, child custody, modifications to child support, spousal support, parenting time, conservatorships, and guardianships.  Our Firm will be able to walk you through the entire process to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with our representation in these areas of law.


Probate Administration:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C., is experienced in probate administration throughout the Metropolitan Detroit area, including Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties.  For information regarding probate administration, please feel free to contact our Firm.


Commercial Vehicle Citations:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C., has a great deal of experience in handling commercial motor vehicle citations throughout the state of Michigan, which includes overweight violations, defective equipment violations, and moving violations for CDL and non-CDL drivers. Our Firm is also experienced in guiding clients through the rigorous CSA-2010 reporting and dispute options available to motor carriers in the state of Michigan.


Employment Law:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C. represents both employees and employers in employment-law litigation as well as planning to help you avoid disputes. Our Firm has extensive experience in age discrimination, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and just cause versus at will dismissals.  We also have extensive experience representing union and non-union employers in the preparation of employment policies and collective bargaining agreements to protect the employer.


Real Estate:

The Law Offices of Sullivan & Leavitt, P.C., provides legal services in areas of commercial, industrial, retail, and residential real estate. We regularly counsel clients with respect to a wide range of issues, including acquisitions, sales, troubled loans, loan workouts, zoning uses, and development of real estate throughout Michigan.


Labor Law:

The Law Offices of Sullivan and Leavitt, P.C. has been representing employers since the 1950’s. Our experience and expertise involve all phases of the administration and/ or enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act and similar state statutes governing employers.



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